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Leica Ic With New hugostudio PU cover

Welcome to hugostudio


We offer high quality covering alternatives for your vintage cameras. Please take a look at our exclusive line of leather, wood and leatherettes, including embossed, natural grain skins and recycled leather.


Our goal is to provide you with a product that has easy application and durability, so you can enjoy and feel proud of your vintage camera again.


Our camera covers are laser cut with a clean and sealed edge. Our kits have adhesive laminate on the back for easy application. We also send instructions to give you tips on how to install your cover.


How to order?

Find your type of camera under the Camera Covers link.

Under that section select  the cover material you like then select your

camera model.


We are adding new camera cover to our portfolio every month.  If your camera cover is not listed bellow please contact us for inquires.



Yashica 12 with new hugostudio genuine leather cover


Because some camera models have small variations on their covers, We may required pictures of your camera to verify availability or to make modifications to our templates. Also you can ask us for samples of our camera cover templates before ordering.

Polaroid sx-70 with new hugostudio genuine leather cover
Leica IIIg with new hugostudio PU leather cover

For an update list of camera covers available click here (PDF File)